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Lunar New Year 2017

5 Feb

One of twelve creatures of the Chinese zodiac. 2017 is the year of the rooster. Although I’m a couple of days late, my wit and humor couldn’t be more fitting. I even found a use for Kao Kaitao, the kite/acrobat I created when I made my “Congratulations!” sign back in 2015.


For a while, I got the idea of Chickpea McCluckading having a brother named Cocktail. When my chance came, I threw in the reference. It was tricky to pinpoint one less obvious difference between Clumpy (calling himself ‘Clucky Drunstickbottom’) and Cocktail, but I was able to find it one day before I finished this piece.

Also, I think the name ‘Mei-Din Chinatown’ has a clever ring to it. I ought to copyright it.



Ice Bucket Challenge 2016

31 Aug

Last year, I had Yonda, Boomer, and Dwight participate, so now I have the remainder of the nominees taking the challenge in different ways.


I start off with typing the text and make ‘thumbnails’ of the pages, giving me an idea of how they’ll appear when I add the text and images. Seeing as how long the latest pages are compared to the previous ones, I think I’ve improved more on my ability to tell stories, although I could use a lesson in drawing comics better. However, I’ve recently learned that it’s all right if a work of art is ‘finished, not perfect’ and being able to complete something will give you more confidence and a better sense of purpose.

Ice Bucket Challenge 2015

2 Sep

Last year, I uploaded a page of Tipper Tawp taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, since the challenge became quite popular that same year. When you look at it, you’ll notice Tipper nominates three Work’n’Play Pals. For quite some time, I wondered how they would do their part. Now I’ve got my answer right here!

2015 IBC - YG2015 IBC - BR2015 IBC - DW

Unlike Tipper’s IBC page, these three are colored in. And to be honest, that really makes the illustrations stand out well. The trick is to make sure you’re using the right colored pencils.