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Fan Made Covers for Wander Over Yonder on DVD/Blu-ray Disc

5 Jun

Sorry to keep you waiting! In my absence, I’ve whipped up some new Illustrator material.

If you’re familiar with the Star Wars franchise, chances are you’ve seen the classic trilogy set on VHS mastered by THX:

I took some inspiration from the format and came up an idea of how my favorite cartoon, Wander Over Yonder, would look if it was released on DVD/Blu-ray Disc in separate seasons.


First up is Season 1.

S1 Cover

As you can see, Lord Hater is the main antagonist, but he is relatable in many ways. With Wander and Sylvia around, his efforts to conquer the galaxy in which the show takes place are often, how you say, stymied. Also take note of some of the planets I made on my own – habitable, colorful, and suited for exploration. Loaded with 39 episodes (36 quarter-hours and 3 half-hours), the first season is about building a unique universe and understanding what makes certain characters tick. This set would also come with 11 1-minute shorts taking place between seasons 1 and 2, in which Hater broadcasts his attempt to destroy Wander, whose friendliness makes things more complicated.

Next is Season 2.

S1 Cover

Taken in a much more serialized direction (4-part format, 3 different status quos), this season introduces a character more powerful (and more villainous) than Lord Hater: Lord Dominator (as foreshadowed in the end tag of S1’s last half-hour episode). Set in a much more organized order (40 episodes: half hour, 12 quarter hour, half hour, 12 quarter hour, half hour, 12 quarter hour, half hour), this season is about testing Hater. With his status as a villain in jeopardy and his jealousy of Dominator cranked up, Hater does whatever he can to get back on top of the villain leaderboard. Once he eventually learns of Dominator’s true gender (thanks to Wander’s efforts to bring the two together), he instantly falls in love. Unlike Hater, of course, Dominator only wants to destroy the galaxy (as the punctured planets you see on the cover indicate), and she rebuffs Hater’s affections for her. At the end, there’s a showdown that’s particularly climactic for this season, but not much else is resolved, as there were plans for…


Season 3. NOTE: It currently has not been made.

S1 Cover

As the end tag in S2’s final episode implies, the whole story of Wander Over Yonder was left incomplete. The planets are restored (if you saw the last two episodes of S2, you would know why), and they make up a whole new galaxy for everyone to explore. A brand new orbble-powered ship (The Star Nomad) is built for Wander and Sylvia so they can carry any remaining refugees back to their home planets. There would also be a threat much worse than Dominator, but since we don’t know what he/she/it looks like, I left a big ol’ question mark in the spot. It was said that this season would be about testing Wander, which I guess would focus on his ability to maintain his belief in everything he stands for. Not only that, we would’ve found out how Lord Hater came became a skeletal being with electric powers and how he ended up with Peepers and the Watchdogs. Guaranteed to be the best season ever, this would have tied up all loose ends and those who worked on the show are still keeping the details under their proverbial hats, which is why SaveWOY continues. As of now, creator Craig McCracken is working on a new project for Disney, which hopefully will be successful enough to persuade the executives to give Wander Over Yonder proper closure, be it a 13-half-hour season or a TV movie.

(Wander Over Yonder logo is property of The Walt Disney Company)


Character Concept Art with Scales (from 2017)

6 Feb

I apologize for the ridiculously long wait. My chance to post was delayed due to job searching, working, and looking for ways to spark interest in saving my favorite cartoon show (one way being this model I made on LEGO Digital Designer).

With a new year in full swing, I suppose it’s time for me to share my recent Illustrator material from late 2017. I have a 5’10” man thrown in each image for scale.

A few months ago, I canceled my subscription to use Illustrator in order to save money. Once I get a better paying job, I might get back on track to making more. We’ll see.

July 4th, 2017 – Remake of July 4th, 2015

5 Jul

In the past few years, I’ve taken note of various intellectual properties and products getting an enhanced treatment. A remake of the first three Crash Bandicoot games recently came out in a single pack for the PS4 (which I don’t own at this time), and boy, does everything look amazing! I had already downloaded the first game (in original PlayStation form) for the PS3, so I was able to notice better improvements in the remake.

The point I’m trying to emphasize is that anything that looks pretty obsolete can still be enhanced. Remember this comic from a couple of years ago?


I’ve made a version of it on Illustrator.

After: Jacken's July 4th Remake

Some of the poses look even more Jackeny than before. Sometimes I impress myself with my skills.

If the JPEG’s not that good, there’s always the PDF: Jacken’s July 4th Remake

Protected: My Review of Wander Over Yonder

27 Jun

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Earth Day 2017

21 Apr

I know Earth Day is tomorrow, but I’d like to show something I made with Illustrator that portrays Yonda Globe in a brand new light. Of course, those of you who checked out that one comic page I made back in August of 2015 will recognize her bathing suit. There’s more to it, though – I brought up three new characters: Uppen Awaye (the hang glider), Marnie Marine (the pool float), and Quake Barrowheel (the wheelbarrow). You’ll also notice I’ve given Yonda the phrase “And now the world gets it” a second time – the first time was in the supermoon comic page back in November of 2016. Walter Cronkite’s phrase “And that’s the way it is” is pretty much inspiration for the phrase, and with Yonda’s interest in reporting and care for the planet, anything interesting is bound to happen. You might say she has the potential to be an Earth Day mascot.

Earth Day 2017

Higher Quality on PDF: Earth Day 2017-min

Just a few details I’d like to point out:

  • In the air image, the name on Yonda’s helmet is Ozone – it not only refers to the layer that shields the earth, but it fits as a brand name for safety gear.
  • In the water image, look closely at the glass of water – the ice cubes form a Hidden Mickey (yes, I’m still working at Disneyland).
  • In the soil image, you’ll notice on Quake’s visor the letter Q – it almost resembles a wheelbarrow without wheels. I love the way I give someone/something a fitting name.

Now why don’t we follow the example of Belinda Carlisle’s song and make heaven a place on Earth? Also, a new film by Disneynature, Born in China, is out today. Go see it.

April Fools’ Day (2017)

1 Apr

This time around, I’m doing just a single picture, which pretty much speaks for itself.


Lately, remaking animated Disney films as live-action counterparts has been becoming a thing (not that I have anything against it), and I noticed how beloved Hanna-Barbera properties were being reinvented in ways that don’t reflect the source material in comic book form. Observing these particular circumstances, I wondered, “How would Jacken DeBox look if he were to be revised?”

If took me slightly longer to to draw the fake Jacken, which turned out just fine, but I do love the way I drew the actual Jacken – the body language, curvature, eyes, and mouth are quite pleasing.

St. Patrick’s Day 2017

18 Mar

Top o’ the mornin’! You might expect Tipper Tawp in this one, what with his green highlights. You’ve also seen some green on some of my other characters (Helix’s midsection, Inchbean’s neck, Luman’s shoes, Arby’s chassis and tires, Nespa’s eyes and brim, Featherly’s arms). This time around, I went in a different direction. For the past few weeks, I had an idea of what I could try for my take on the holiday dedicated to everything Irish.

IMG_1049As you can see, Punchline’s ‘p-p-pose’ is based on that of the Norte Dame Leprechaun. I made sure to make him as unique and recognizable as possible, though.

I was also able to create a couple of new characters – little figurines of anthropomorphic clover cousins: Shammer and Rockcorry. Fun fact: they’re named after the two villages in Ireland. What a great way to make things work out!