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Record Store Day 2016

16 Apr

Last year, I found out about a day that comes every year on the third Saturday of April: Record Store Day. I went ahead and made my own album cover for my signature character, Jacken DeBox. I bet some of you never knew he could also be a musician. See how he gaily plays Squeezen, his concertina (that’s what you call a small accordion).


Now, if this had a track list, it would look something like this:

  • Hop, Stomp, and Twirl
  • Open the Door
  • It’s Tipper Time
  • Picture Day Delight
  • Wobble and Clumpy’s Studio
  • Under the Spring Sun
  • Room of Enchantment
  • Turn on the Radio
  • I Would Like a Book
  • Quick and Steady
  • Nothing Wrong with Polka
  • Boomer Brings You Back
  • Up and Down Clown
  • Hiding in Place
  • Need More Batteries
  • Living Like a King
  • What’s Poppin’? (Make it Snappy)
  • Backwards Pizza
  • Doll off the Wall
  • Ridin’ with Nespa
  • Jokes for Dessert
  • Homecoming Hurrah
  • Ringing My Hat Bells
  • World on Yonda’s Shoulders
  • Electric Carpet
  • Two Eyes, Blue Eyes
  • Soup for the Chicken’s Soul
  • Little Big Storage
  • Punch out of Line
  • Very Merry Pear
  • I Don’t Wear Shoes
  • Root Beer Shower
  • Educational Buddy
  • Jacken DeBox’s Theme

If my Blockopolis series ever gets launched, I’m sure the record deal could happen.


April Fools’ Day 2016

2 Apr

Nearly eight years ago, I gave Jacken DeBox someone who is what Pete would be to Mickey Mouse or what Buzz Buzzard would be to Woody Woodpecker. I’m, of course, talking about none other than Punchline DePunch. The last name used to be ‘DeBop,’ but I did a little change to see if it would have a better ring to it. Still unsure of what that last name should be as of now. Anyway, I came up with this little story earlier this week and decided to work on it before April 1st. And I must say, it’s really helping me expand more on my Blockopolis series and make it a little more promising.

April Fools' 2016.jpg

In this latest feature, Punchline is excited about the 1st day of April, which we all recognize as April Fools’ Day. He comes up with this idea of pranking the residents in alphabetical order (the ones I came up with so far anyway) as follows.

  • A – Sticking letter magnets to the right side of Arby so the words say, ‘ARBY IS A ROAD HOG’
  • B – Telling Boomer about Great Barry finding a nicer adventurer
  • C – Delivering a fake cake to Chickpea; the fake cake turns out to be Clumpy, who’d been duped into turning into a cake in preparation for a dessert art exhibit
  • D – Handing Dwight some trick gum that leaves the mouth oozing black liquid when chewed
  • E – Putting an opaque fly mask on Edgar
  • F – Sticking a rubber spider on Featherly’s net
  • G – Telling Great Barry about Boomer finding a braver boat
  • H – Gluing Helix’s landing skids to the helipad
  • I – Swapping out Inchbean’s scanner with a vacuum (Punchline himself didn’t trick Wobble with anything by himself, so Wobble doesn’t count)
  • J – Throwing a water balloon at Jacken inside his box (this one is backfired)

It’s eventually revealed that Jacken and Tipper, standing on the other side of the wall, were one step ahead of Punchline, with Tipper providing the controls of the Jacken Decoy’s workings.

For those keeping track of my works, I did not include Damsel 5000 because Luman Shein most likely has a security system keeping anyone from tampering with her. Also, in Punchline’s thought balloon, there’s no impediment used when a P name/word is used. That’s because was thinking, not speaking.

And one last thing: there’s a Hidden Mickey in the panel with the character whose name begins with D, which is the first letter in the name Disney. Pretty clever, right?