Sweet-Tooth Bunnsen and Ogo Pogo

28 Mar

So far, I’ve drawn over 20 unique characters in my Blockopolis body of work. The most recent ones I’m showing just in time for Easter are a plaid rabbit and a pogo stick.


Sweet-Tooth Bunnsen is the mascot and founder of the Bunnsen Bite-Bites Candy Factory, home of the famous Blocolate. On special occasions, this calm, fast-paced fellow takes time to pass out tasty treats to the residents of Blockopolis, and because his legs aren’t particularly good for jumping (even though he resembles a rabbit), he prefers to go high and low on his trusty pogo stick, Ogo Pogo.

Bunnsen Bite-Bites – Better than nibbles and chomps! (Trademark)


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