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Sweet-Tooth Bunnsen and Ogo Pogo

28 Mar

So far, I’ve drawn over 20 unique characters in my Blockopolis body of work. The most recent ones I’m showing just in time for Easter are a plaid rabbit and a pogo stick.


Sweet-Tooth Bunnsen is the mascot and founder of the Bunnsen Bite-Bites Candy Factory, home of the famous Blocolate. On special occasions, this calm, fast-paced fellow takes time to pass out tasty treats to the residents of Blockopolis, and because his legs aren’t particularly good for jumping (even though he resembles a rabbit), he prefers to go high and low on his trusty pogo stick, Ogo Pogo.

Bunnsen Bite-Bites – Better than nibbles and chomps! (Trademark)


Mixels Continued

22 Mar

A year and a half ago, I talked about my interest in Mixels, made with the collaboration of LEGO and Cartoon Network. Since then, I’ve purchased every single one of them. Of course, I had to get Krader (of the Cragsters), Flurr (of the 2014 Frosticons), the Electroids, and the 2014 Infernites from because the LEGO store never had any in stock at the time I started collecting them. As of now, I have all seven series, giving me all kinds of possible (and creative) combinations.

For example, here I have mixes of the bright-eyed Glowkies and the melodious Mixies. I threw in a Cubit (which comes with Gurggle of the 2015 Glorp Corp) to show which Mixels I combined.

I also noticed some Mixels, even in separate series, are voiced by the same person. For instance, there’s Jeff Bennett, who so far provided the voices of Jinky (of the Klinkers), Dribbal and Gurggle (2015 Glorp Corp), and Camillot (Medivals). Just for fun, I made a mix of Mixels voiced by Jeff. Turns out you can mix more than two together.

Maybe I’ll do more like this in the future. I could even do one of Flain (2014 Infernites), Seismo (Cragsters), Teslo (Electroids), Tungster (Lixers), and Berp (Munchos), who are all voiced by Tom Kenny. And it might be tricky to take on Jess Harnell, since he voiced not only Vulk (2014 Infernites), Shuff (Cragsters), Zaptor (Electroids), Meltus, and Burnard (both 2015 Infernites), but also Vaka, the top half of Vaka-Waka of the Munchos. Waka was performed by Daran Norris, who did Snoof (2015 Frosticons), Spugg (Lixers), and Tiketz (MCPD).

There are a couple of things that baffle me about the TV series.

1: The voices of Kraw (Flexers) and Scorpi (Spikels) were never shown in the credits, so online sources have no clue about them whatsoever.

2: TV specials come at least once every six months with little to no advertising. The latest TV special, Every Knight Has its Day, hardly did much to let all of series 7 shine. The MCPD had less than a minute of screen time, Tapsy only appeared in the intro sequence, and Trumpsy had no major role despite appearing in the classroom. I can only hope some of the Mixels in the next wave don’t get the same treatment.

I have an idea of what LEGO and Cartoon Network could try if they decide to wind down the franchise: bring every Mixel/group of Mixels in various situations leading to other situations, similar to what was done in an episode of the Netflix exclusive show Turbo FAST (Turbo Does Laundry), in which vignettes showcasing characters (and features) from previous episodes are played. Maybe then Cartoon Network will give certain Mixels a chance to shine and the credits will finally show the people who performed Kraw and Scorpi. I’m thinking it was Fred Tatasciore (performer of Slumbo (2014 Frosticons), Jawg (Fang Gang), and the Nixels and Major Nixel in 2014) who did Kraw, but nobody has any proof, which is pathetic really.