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Leap Day 2016

29 Feb

I was quite busy with college work during the Spring of 2012, so it never occurred to me I could make something like this. In fact, I never came up with Stella Scope, the telescope astronomer, until August that same year! Also, I opted for a little sibilance in Stella’s speech,  which is why there’s a gap in her teeth. Anyway, 2016 is a new leap year, so…

Leap Day 2016

Since this day is called Leap Day, anyone who takes things literally, including ragdoll Rags Aplenty, will find some way to celebrate it. It’s funny how the characters I made work well with particular ideas.

By the way,  since I’m now in the DCP, I included a Hidden Mickey as well as a Hidden Jacken in this piece. (Hint: they’re both in the same section.)