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July 4, 2015

5 Jul

My comic for Independence Day features the one and only Jacken DeBox putting a huge emphasis on our nation’s colors. This has one of the weirdest moments I’ve ever envisioned, so now you’ve been given fair warning. Enjoy the fireworks!


Inner Beings

1 Jul

Last year, I got this book for Christmas called ‘Doodling with Jim Henson,’ which consists of many exercises that allow my creativity to flow.¬†And in case you haven’t guessed, Jim Henson remains one of my greatest idols. He created characters, voices, and ideas worth sharing with people of all ages, which is one of the reasons I respect him.

Anyway, here’s a file I’ve put together of 14 ‘inner beings’ created in the pages.

Inner Beings

Some of the other exercises are pretty interesting, and they have some of the most interesting doodles I’ve ever made. Perhaps I can figure out how to include pages of my doodles without showing too much of whatever was already in the book before I received it.