Rebusquest and other works by Cullen Pittman

14 May

I would like to talk about someone who knows how storytelling is done and made funny for ALL AGES – he’s a native of Virginia.

I first discovered his work on The works I read were well thought out and pretty funny. There’s HB House, a sitcom about some of the Hanna-Barbera characters throughout the years living in a boarding house, Muppets Meet the M&Ms Gang, a collection of M&M commercials with the Muppets collaborating, and Muppets Visit Japan, which for some reason makes me think of The Muppets at Walt Disney World.

I continued to search for more of Cullen’s works and came across Battle of the Muppet All-Stars – one of the longest pieces of fan fiction I ever read. Every character featured was spot-on, and they fit perfectly in various situations! I take my hat off to him for his lengthy and humorous literature.

I looked closely at his profile picture on Muppet Central – it had the name ‘Rebusquest’ on it. I searched that and found And let me tell you, the cartoons he thought up are original and clever in their own way. The main one, Rebusquest, and two others (X.O. Seal and Skelroy and Bonus).

I checked out the page for Fan Creations and saw that it hadn’t been updated in almost a year, so what I did was create drawings of the characters from Rebusquest…

rbsqst line up

You can also view it on the Fan Creations page on Cullen’s Rebusquest Web site. And while you’re at it and new to Cullen’s work, why don’t you start reading the episodes? The pictures may appear a little rushed, but if you can just focus on the stories being told, you won’t be sorry. His stories are superb.


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