Good & Bad Page Layout

30 Nov

Good – The colors on this page are mostly warm, and the text stands out exceptionally well. And the figures you see are all on bronze-colored shapes, giving them a significantly satisfying feeling. Plus, there’s just the right amount of space between the figures, and the image of Link holding his sword up high is well-centered and doesn’t obscure the Nintendo Power name too much.

The layout of this page is not particularly well-balanced. There’s too much detail on the right and a wide open space on the left. It doesn’t work very well this way. The black Duracell object practically blends in with the black sky. Dark colors don’t look good on dark backgrounds, mind you. If I were the designer responsible for this, I’d switch places of the object and text next to the object (Today, there’s no reason to run out of power) and shrink down the size of said text. I’d also make the object a little lighter and make it a little bigger.


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