Art Event #8

22 Nov

1. The Annual Passholder Holiday event at Disneyland. Monday, November 14th, 2011. An event that took place from 8 PM to 12 AM, annual passholders were able to experience Disneyland in its holiday make over for the 2011 holiday season and afford exclusive meals and treats for the occasion.

2. I attended the event with my father and brother because we also had cards that gave us access to Disneyland AND Disney’s California Adventure* (*I felt the “apostrophe S” had a better ring to the name of the second park). While we were there, my father took some pictures of a few points of interest, two of which feature me and my brother.

3. The decorations around the park are among the things that definitely influence my Christmas-related work. And the way “It’s A Small World” appeared is truly awe-inspriring.

4. We once saw some footage of a 1960s episode of “Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color” in the theater where they hold the Lincoln attraction, and we got to learn how some attractions, including “It’s A Small World” came to be.

5. I found that they had to use tiny, tiny bubbles to create snowflakes, but who am I to criticize their attempts at giving the park a wintery feel?

6. Considering I’ve been attending Disneyland for many years, I don’t think there was a lot of discipline for me to learn from. However, I once went up in “Tarzan’s Treehouse” (which I haven’t walked through in a decade) and as I walked along and read pages about Tarzan, I felt a great burst of wind and a loud roar coming from a lifelike model of Sabor, which really startled me. What can I say? It’s been years since I took the little tour.

7. Whoever thought of the event deserves a lot of praise. This time around, the cast members need to be sure the parks guests are having a wonderful time in this time of year.


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