Genre Gig Poster

14 Nov

The genre I chose to use for this poster is Art Deco, which I actually talked about in two of my previous art classes. It looks very simple once you get to understand this concept. As long as you know which colors work the best, you can’t go wrong. The poster’s style is reminiscent of the many Art Deco works, including the two below. The font I used  (Broadway) works pretty good!

The band I picked is an American alternative rock band from Brooklyn called They Might Be Giants. John Flansburgh on the left, John Linnell on the right. You might know them for creating the theme song for Malcolm in the Middle. They were also responsible for the theme song for Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I first learned about the band in 2004 after watching “Different Town” (Strong Bad E-mail #99) and “Experimental Film” on Homestar and I thought, “That band sure is interesting!” I think of TMBG as an “anything goes” type of band, which is why I decided to put them on an Art Deco poster.

I would highly recommend the band to many college students – they released plenty of albums aimed at children (e.g. Here Come the ABCs). They’re also an excellent source of inspiration.


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