Art Event #4

6 Nov

1. “The Lion King” in Disney Digital 3D, Saturday, October 15, 2011, at Edwards Cinema in Temecula. A 3D presentation of one of the most beloved animated films by Walt Disney Pictures.

2. My fondness for the movie and getting to see it in theaters with my brother are two things that contribute to my remembering about the event. I even saved a ticket for the movie so I would always remember when I saw it. With two award tickets for any Regal Entertainment theater, we were able to get a discount on the movie in 3D, and it was totally worth it.

3. The one thing that could definitely influence my own work is that while the film is a traditionally hand-drawn one, it’s possible to give it a lot of depth and make the viewers feel like they’re part of the film. Now that I think about it, if another hand-drawn film ever gets made, the optional 3D variation can still be pulled off without abandoning the hand-drawn charm or resorting to CGI.

4. Since I’ve known the film for years, it’s rather difficult for me to rediscover anything that might change the way I look, think, and feel about something. I once thought a hand-drawn film couldn’t be shown in digital 3D, but I was proved wrong when I first saw it in Temecula’s theater. Considering the 3D hype was growing, many studios believed animated films had to be rendered in CGI. That doesn’t necessarily mean audiences aren’t interested in hand-drawn animation. Like some people, I have high hopes for this particular medium and its chance to live on forever.

5. I think a few things in the film looked a little too blurry even after the film was digitally enhanced. That’s rather odd because I heard that each frame was given plenty of detail in order to make the characters and scenery convincingly lifelike.

6. I grew up watching the film before digital 3D was invented, so I wasn’t able to learn something about the discipline that I didn’t know before.

7. I believe the directors of the film did a terrific job coming up with an original story and unforgettable characters. I don’t know who was responsible for adding the “depth” to the film, but I have a feeling they succeeded in pleasing audiences everywhere, even the ones watching the movie for the first time.


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