Art Event #3

6 Nov

1. “Pride and Prejudice” at OnStage Playhouse in Chula Vista, Saturday, October 8, 2011. Based on the story by Jane Austen, this play took place in and around Hertfordshire, England, 1813.

2. I got the little booklet loaded with details about the actors and the director’s hearty knowledge of the play. It’s one of the good things that will help me remember the time I went to see the play.

3. Many stories, no matter how complex the dialect may be, can always be told in a way that’s safe for all ages. Considering the play took place in 1813, I knew it would be safer than the way the world is usually portrayed. When I come up with a story, I want it to be good, clean, and enjoyable.

4. I discovered that it’s possible to express how you feel without resorting to unnecessary profanity. I also discovered that the way people spoke in the 19th century was far superior compared to the way we usually speak.

5. If there’s one thing that could use some work, it would be the stage as a whole. Because the stage is small, there were fewer props used to create scenery, including a wall with a blue sky and green grass and a house wall on the far right with a doorway and desk.

6. When I looked in the booklet, I learned that Jane Austen’s story was originally going to be called “First Impressions.” As I read further, I learned that marriage should not be attempted without both having enough money to live on and the affection between two lovers. As Austen once said in 1808, “I consider everybody as having a right to marry once in their loves, if they can.”

7. Yes, I was able to feel a lot of respect for the artist/director: Sandra Lynn Kraus. I found that her 99 year old grandma is the reason she had a passion for life, theater, and dance. And because she stayed true to the source material, I prefer to think of her as a thoughtful, whimsical individual with a considerably positive attitude.


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