Art Events 1 and 2

3 Nov

My grandpa (on my dad’s side) suffered a heart attack at a gym in 2002.

1. Day of the Dead, at Escondido, November 1, 2011, where people commemorate their deceased loved ones.

2. I came away with the pictures my dad took of me and my drawing of a skull version of my fictional character (Jacken DeCube).

3. Yes, I think the way they set up the altars inspires me to do something cultural every early November, and that would include remembering my grandfather.

4. I discovered that the event was actually a calm one. Day of the Dead is essentially a day in which people mourn those who passed away and celebrate the times they had with them at the same time.

5. Well, I thought putting the tiles closer together was a bit of a problem. I had to walk over two tiles just to get my own section for work. Maybe they’ll do it in rows next time.

6. I learned that the Day of the Dead is a serious day, and it’s not just all skulls and decorations. The refreshments they provided for free were pretty good, though.

7. It pretty much depends on the work being shown in public. I didn’t know the artists responsible for the event, but I know that those who worked on their sections to commemorate their fondness for the deceased are true artists, and the respect will always be given to the work used for commemoration.


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