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30 Sep


September 30, 2011

In Illustrator, you can do anything.


Technical Illustration

30 Sep

September 30, 2011

Logo Attributes

30 Sep

I know I’ve already shown logos in one of my previous posts, but I have a few more favorites to show, and they’re the inspiration for my own personal logo design.

For the text only logo…

Rather colorful, fancy, and known for evoking creativity, and I happen to have such attributes.

The image logo…

Like Epcot’s logo, this one has more than four colors. It also expresses the notion that the possibilities are endless.

And finally, the text and image logo…

The logo for Animal Planet before they changed it. It looked bold, powerful, and serious. The current logo has a larger A  and a tilted M, and I must admit, it’s much easier to remember.

Images Expressing Furniture

23 Sep

Here are some images of furniture that should interest some of you out there in Internet land…

The last one reminds you of the world of Dr. Seuss, doesn’t it?

Nine Lives Cat

16 Sep

One faces you, the other faces the side. (September 16, 2011)

6 ‘graphically’ appealing images

9 Sep

I picked Walt Disney Pictures because the castle looks fantastic and the sky gives me good thoughts. Plus, the words stand out quite well.

The Google logo is colorful, and what better way to start your search than with a logo you’ll always remember?

The MTV logo as it was back in the ’80s and ’90s. Since that channel’s been showing nothing but reality show rubbish, the logo lost the words ‘Music Television.’ To those of you reading this post, try to live down the channel – it’s loaded with prejudices and bad influences.

The Windows logo in the mid-’90s just screams innovation. It’s something I grew up with when I was in elementary school. When I see it, I know I’m about to use a computer.

Nintendo has been staying true to its look for years. Although they changed to color from red to silver, the games they make never cease to impress.

Sesame Street. Now there’s a logo that hasn’t changed in decades. I grew up watching the show, and I can safely say, the kids who see the logo will be in for an educational and entertaining treat.

Photographs and image production

8 Sep

If an image is made up of a few million pixels, it’s bound to be higher in quality compared to an image consisting of less pixels. If you think about it, one section on a higher quality image would have way more pixels than the lower quality image would. The lower quality image would appear blurry if you tried to zoom into it. Just about every camera, particularly those of the digital variety, can produce images with thousands upon thousands tiny squares. And then there’s the vector image, whose appearance goes unchanged regardless of how large or small its size is. Vector images are usually smooth and appear to have no pixels. They can be found on greeting cards, cereal boxes, and company logos.