6 Years After WOY S2 Finale (plus Star Force Enforcement Force)

6 Aug

Six years ago on June 27th, The End of the Galaxy, Wander Over Yonder’s second season finale, premiered. The fans and I were on the edge of our seats wondering what would happen to the main four (Wander, Sylvia, Lord Hater, Commander Peepers) and the rest of the inhabitants after Dominator seemingly laid waste to the galaxy in which the show takes place. We did find, however, that Hater triumphed and put an end to her onslaught once and for all. He’s the hero in the eyes of those who joined in the fight against Dominator (and probably those who simply sat it out), but that’s not to say he had no intention to conquer the galaxy afterwards like he and Peepers mentioned earlier. Plus, he still denies being Wander’s buddy, so his journey to becoming a full-fledged ex-villain like Major Threat (who debuted in the S2 episode, The Good Bad Guy) is far from over. And who could ever forget the elephant in the room that is the downed space pod with green lightning and simian screeching in the end credits? This is clearly indicative of unfinished business. It’s enough to motivate me to take action and also to make me ask Disney time and again, “Are you sure two seasons are enough for this show?”

Three years ago, I made a comic page wherein Hater tries to escape the Disney TV Animation vault only to learn about and entertainment conglomerate’s ownership the hard way. Here’s how I imagine what happened three years afterwards…

For those who are unaware, Craig McCracken and his WOY crew made a pitch for S3 in early 2015 (around February) – they were excited about it and so were the bosses of DTVA and Disney XD. Apparently, the love WOY got from its fans, including me, just wasn’t enough to convince the “higher up bosses of bosses of bosses” there was a need for a third and final season, so they rebuffed it and decided to cancel the show one week before the S2 premiere, The Greater Hater, premiered.

My discovery of the name “Star Force Enforcement Force” is quite an interesting one. Back in January of 2021, just before S1 of Kid Cosmic debuted on Netflix, I checked out a CBR article of Craig answer questions regarding Kid Cosmic. When he talked about Earth Force Enforcement Force (or as I call them, Power Rangers knock-offs), he had this to say:

“There was a version of it in some Wander episodes we were thinking of doing for a potential Season 3… ‘Star Force Enforcement Force…'”

The takeaway I got from his answer is that SFEF inspired the name EFEF. Later, I fond these clues from his social media responses…

“In WOY S3 we had a team of space cops called Star Force Enforcement Force whose name I repurposed for Earth Force Enforcement Force.”

“…they were going to be called Star Force Enforcement Force and were an entirely different set of characters all together. Only the name was similar.”

“S3 was less about a new villain and more about an old ‘villain.’”

When asked if SFEF were going to play a big part in WOY S3, he replied, “Yes.”

Based on this information, I had this suspicion that SFEF might be the threat of S3 I’ve been wondering about the entire time. I looked back at Francisco Angones’s hints about the new threat to confirm this…

“Nope.” (in response to “Is the S3 villain someone we have seen before?”)

“The main arc of season 3 was centered around the arrival of a new danger that was even more of a threat than Dominator, meant to challenge Wander in every possible way. Season 2 was all about a bully showing up. Season 3 was about something worse than a bully.”

“I said threat. I never said villain.”

“Three new mains were to be introduced.”

“Season two was a lot about testing Hater; three would have been about testing Wander in a really cool way.”

“The S3 villain knew how to exploit everyone’s strengths.”

I used to think the threat would be a trio of attribute-enhancing beings or a trio of time manipulators, but taking all this information into account, I came to the conclusion that SFEF are indeed the new threat. This makes sense because most criminals and rule-breakers fear cops. Craig also had this to say: “Star Force Enforcement Force were completely different characters totally unrelated to any of the main cast.” I kept this key point in mind when I tried to figure out what these space cops looked like. Lo and behold my vision of SFEF.

While it took Craig a year and three months after WOY’s cancellation to reveal the name of Wander and Sylvia’s ship (The Star Nomad) and the role it was said to play in S3, it took him about four and a half years to bring up the name SFEF to the public. Even though he indicated a few times that Disney has no interest in reviving the show, he still won’t spill the proverbial beans. This is why SaveWOY is still going – it was launched back in March of 2016 in hopes of convincing Disney to eventually let Craig end the show HIS way. He’s pretty good at keeping everything under wraps, I’ll give him that.

Anyway, now you might be wondering what names of the space cops who make up SFEF are. Two of them are a play on words and all of them rhyme with Hater and Dominator.

On the left, Officer Nadine Terrogator, communications specialist and loudmouth who interrogates criminals into telling the truth.

On the right, Officer Norton Carcerator, security geek and speedster who incarcerates criminals by any means necessary.

In the middle, Chief Manfred Manipulator, the boastful leader of SFEF with the ability to manipulate criminals to become good against their will.

You’ll also see a small note on the bottom that suggests that I still have no idea of what SFEF look like. If I had to guess what their role would be in S3, it’d be that they capture criminals of any kind, and when they find the electrically-charged space ape who came from the downed space capsule from the end tag of the second season finale (The End of the Galaxy), they use his newfound powers to their advantage, like how Peepers uses Lord Hater’s powers to his advantage. This makes for an interesting story, don’t you think?

My only aim in the SaveWOY community is to boost determination, not bring about despair. Determination is what granted us Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie, the decidedly less kid-friendly fifth season of Samurai Jack, the last season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and more. Also, Team Sea3on has been getting tons of positive feedback for picking up where Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) left off – it, too, was left on a cliffhanger at the end of S2.

On another note, Craig is back at his alma mater, Cartoon Network, working on revisiting his first two shows, The Powerpuff Girls (going in a semi-serialized route) and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends (going in a preschool-direction). I know it’s been years since Wander Over Yonder was canceled, but the fact is, Craig won’t give away all the details even if you tried to, say, bribe him with 100 animation animation cels from The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. What’s why SaveWOY exists… to remind Disney of WOY’s unfinished business so that they may one day let him tie all loose ends once he’s done with the reboots. It may be someone’s choice to look for the negative, but just like Wander, I choose to look for the positive. I admit there were times when I was more like Lord Hater in the past, but as the saying in that one S2 episode, The Sky Guy, goes, the more you know, the more you grow.

My review of Wander Over Yonder goes here.


The Eye on the Galaxy

23 Apr

It’s been more than 6 years since I got word of Wander Over Yonder’s uncalled-for cancellation. Back in 2020, I had this idea of transitioning from S2 to (the still shelved) S3 with a series of one-minute shorts. They’re similar to the pre-S2 shorts in which Lord Hater broadcasts his attempts to destroy Wander, but they all feature a Watchdog named Andy (the chief security monitor and host of the all-Watchdog show, Eye on the Skullship) interviewing various refugees on the ex-secret planet so he and the other Watchdogs can learn more about them and their needs. The idea originated from the fact that the Watchdogs became acquainted with the some of the refugees towards the end of The End of the Galaxy (the second season finale) and from Craig McCracken’s proposition that the refugees would still be on the ex-secret planet at the start of S3.

Below is a background I designed for this concept.

As for the shorts, I already have them figured out in terms of flow, humor, and execution. Click each one to open its transcript.

5 Years Worth of SaveWOY Artwork

29 Jun

Five years ago, on June 27th, I watched the second season finale of Wander Over Yonder, The End of the Galaxy, and witnessed Lord Hater put an end to Lord Dominator’s galactic onslaught. Before then, during my lunch break backstage at Disneyland, I had found on the WOY wiki that the end tag had a downed space pod with green lighting flashing out of it with simian screeching fading into Hater’s laughter. There was no way I could ever think of the season finale as the series finale. We didn’t get to see what became of the other villains, Wander didn’t get to play his banjo or sing a happy song, Hater was not yet fully reformed… I could go on explaining why. Craig McCracken and the crew weren’t kidding when they said they had a whole third and final season planned out. To say I was disappointed in the “higher up bosses of bosses of bosses” and their decision to cut Wander’s story short would be an understatement. They had no trouble giving Fish Hooks three seasons, heck, they gave a third season to Star vs. the Forces of Evil (which has a whopping 4 seasons), Tangled/Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure, DuckTales (2017), Big Hero 6, Big City Greens, Amphibia, and The Owl House, so I’ve been questioning their business ever since they left WOY on a cliffhanger.

To this day, I keep supporting the SaveWOY campaign and providing my own content in hopes of getting more details about the third season the fans and I were denied so long ago. If Disney hadn’t canceled the show after two seasons, these pieces wouldn’t exist. And yes, the drawing on the top left corner is my first fan art.

I made the last image (bottom right corner) to encourage fans of Kid Cosmic (Craig McCracken’s show for Netflix) to check out Wander Over Yonder if they haven’t already. If I, a long-time WOY fan, can show interest in KC, surely KC fans can show interest in WOY while they wait for S2.

Here, the Kid explains why WOY is a show worth watching. Jo comments on how the viewers might feel when they get to the end. Tuna Sandwich (with Chuck’s translator) responds to Jo’s comment by recommending continued viewership. Papa G makes a connection to characters voiced by Keith Ferguson. Rosa encourages Spanish and bilingual speakers to show support. Chuck, having recently learned to write in English, proves how far he’s come as a reformed alien by showing off a sign with a simple message. Hey, just because WOY and KC are owned by separate companies doesn’t mean one can’t support the other.

Anyhow, here’s to another 5 years of keeping the campaign going! Hopefully, we’ll get even more details about WOY’s third season as time goes by.

Kid Cosmic (and the Cartoon-Saving Campaign)

10 Mar

Over one month ago, Kid Cosmic arrived on Netflix. The first season of this serialized show by Craig McCracken (creator of The Powerpuff Girls, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, and (the still incomplete) Wander Over Yonder) consists of 10 episodes.

KC is about a Kid (Jack Fisher) who aspires to be a superhero and finds some cosmic stones of power. The green one grants the Kid flight/telekinesis, the purple one allows Jo, the waitress of a family diner (Amanda C. Miller), to make portals, the blue one makes Rosa, the Hispanic neighbors’ 4-year-old daughter (Lily Rose Silver), grow big, the yellow one lets Papa G, the Kid’s grandfather, reminiscent of a certain Jack McBrayerlien (Keith Ferguson), spawn clones, and the red one gives Tuna Sandwich, the fat cat who got his name when Kid fed him tuna sandwiches (Fred Tatasciore) the ability to see into the future. Although the animation might seem a bit of a downgrade compared to that of WOY, the characters, visuals, and premise are unforgettable and admirable. Fair warning, though – the rating is TV-Y7, but in episode 7, when Tuna Sandwich is given a translator by a reformed alien called Chuck (Tom Kenny), thereby giving him the ability to speak, he exclaims, “Hot damn,” and once more at the end of the season finale.

What’s more, Netflix is letting Craig tell the whole story (consisting of 3 seasons total) and end it his way, unlike Disney, who canceled WOY before its second season had the chance to prove its worth. It’s no wonder he loves being with Netflix. Considering Disney downplayed WOY and played Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, and Star vs. the Forces of Evil ad nauseam, I don’t blame Craig for leaving the company.

Still, there may be a chance for Wander to get true closure if there’s enough interest in KC. Here’s what I figure: We boost viewership of KC, Netflix gets a substantial amount of money, Craig has them give it to Disney and put it towards WOY’s third season, and when KC is complete, Disney will bring Craig back to work on one more season (or TV movie). If they don’t, WOY might be better off in the hands of Netflix.

Anyhow, WOY still has plenty of unfinished business, so here’s my first and only (so far) fan art I made in January of Kid Cosmic telling the viewer what to do. I refer to Wander as a half-brother because Craig created both shows for separate companies. Fun fact: KC was going to be produced DTVA before he decided to let Netflix do it instead. Good thing, too, because it probably wouldn’t have gotten the same amount of love Big City Greens, Amphibia, and The Owl House get from Disney’s higher-ups.

First Update in Nearly One Year

29 Jun

Sorry to keep you waiting! Life’s been happening and look at where we are now.

Last year, I got myself a full-time job as a sound mechanic trainee in Disneyland’s work-study training program, where I get to go to Fullerton College to get education and work third shift. Anyway, when I got halfway through the spring semester, the cast members and I were ordered to stay home due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Since then, I’ve been doing suitable things to occupy my time. Playing and working out on Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch, completing jigsaw puzzles, painting by numbers, crafting with Nintendo LABO (also for Nintendo Switch), and producing some artwork.

Speaking of which, where what I’ve made since my last post…

Here, we have the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. As you can see, I only had time to do pencil drawings.


And here’s scarecrow-like character I made just in time for Halloween, one who happens to be Rags Aplenty’s country cousin. Patches Galore is part of a farming community who loves to help others and grow crops. She may appear cute and short, but by night of a full autumn moon, she takes on a creepy, lanky form for scaring anyone who tries to steal crops. Edgar Stiffstifles, the rocking horse, was always spooked by this supernatural occurrence, which is why Patches lets him live with Rags.

A reminder for last full moon of 2019 (and all of the 2010s).


New Year’s Day 2020


Support for stopping the Australian fires that occurred earlier this year. Also marks the debut of Zoey Hosefire and Whitney Hovecraft.


The 40th anniversary of Pac-Man.


A few images fitting for the COVID-19 situation.


And since it’s been four years since Wander Over Yonder was left on a cliffhanger (for no good reason whatsoever, I might add), I was able to hone my fan boy skills further and come up with…

…an actual LEGO model of Star Nomad (the ship that plays a BIG role in the still canceled third season)…


…plus my prediction of three new main characters, which you can read more about here.


Well, that’s all for now. Stay safe, wear a mask in public, keep your hands clean, and never lose your cool. The pandemic will pass eventually.

Wander Over Yonder (3 years after the 2nd season finale)

30 Jul

As of today, It’s been at least four years since “the higher-up bosses of bosses of bosses” made the asinine decision to cancel Wander Over Yonder and failed to think of how the fans would feel if Craig McCracken didn’t get to end it on his own terms. Ever since he went to Netflix to work on Kid Cosmic, which comes out in 2020, saving WOY has been rather complicated to say the least.

If there’s anyone who’s really had it with the company and its inability to give the show some proper closure, it’s Lord Hater. In fact, he’s been under the impression that with more popular shows and the Mickey Mouse shorts around, Disney’s better off without him and everyone from WOY.

June 27 2019

The shows Hater mentions are, in order…

  • Phineas and Ferb (4 seasons, high popularity, closure)
  • Fish Hooks (3 seasons, moderate popularity, closure)
  • Gravity Falls (2 seasons, extremely high popularity, closure)
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil (4 seasons, extremely high popularity, some closure)
  • Tangled: the Series (2/3 seasons – I stopped watching after 7 episodes or so, popular enough to have merchandise, most likely to get closure)
  • DuckTales (2017) (slated for 3 seasons, high popularity, very likely to get closure)
  • Big Hero 6: the Series (slated for 3 seasons, moderate popularity, likely to get closure)
  • Big City Greens (slated for 2 seasons – might get 3 since it’s on Disney Channel, some popularity, likely to get closure)
  • Amphibia (slated for 2 seasons – might get 3 because creator Matt Braly was involved in Gravity Falls, fairly high popularity, likely to get closure)
  • The Owl House (coming soon, slated for 1 season – may go beyond that number given creator Dana Terrence’s involvement in Gravity Falls, extremely high popularity, chance for closure is 98%)
  • Mickey Mouse (2013) (slated for 6 seasons, unparalleled popularity, closure currently unknown)

Clearly, Disney saw much more potential in these cartoons (they wanted to give Gravity Falls a third season, but creator Alex Hirsch wanted to end it his way after two seasons), but not in Wander Over Yonder. It’s no wonder Hater wants to get out of there.

Support for SaveWOY seems to be dwindling, but I’m still around! I’m still doing all I can do spread awareness of the show’s existence and the need to give it one more season (or at least a TV movie). And since I’m now a sound mechanic trainee at Disneyland, I should have a better chance to find out exactly what that canceled third season is about, not that I know I have permission to take a peek.

International Women’s Day (2019 Remake)

9 Mar

Five years ago, I made something original. It’s not much, but it has that message that resonates with those who see it. Today, I’ve enhanced the image with Adobe Illustrator and the result is outstanding.

IWD Remake 2019

I would have also included Marnie Marine, but I didn’t have time to figure out how to do it. Besides, she wasn’t conceived before 2014. I’ve been in the Engineering Technician training program at Technology Career Institute (January 7 – April 25), so I haven’t been as dedicated to making art as I used to be. Don’t worry, though, just because I’m aiming for a full-time job in ET doesn’t mean I’m abandoning my interest in graphic art. You might say making art has always been more of a hobby than a way to make a living.

Anyway, Happy International Women’s Day!

Bristly Heath the Thistly Wreath (December 5th/6th, 2018)

7 Dec
If you’ve seen my holiday-based character, Jolly Keith the Holly Wreath, you’re sure to get a kick out of this one.
Ever heard of Krampus? Well, I’ve conjured up a similar character who just happens to be Jolly Keith’s twin brother. If JK embodies good, there must be one who embodies evil.
“Bristly Heath The Thistly Wreath knows how to bring the pain.
“Those who may have sinned a lot will see him as a bane.
“There’s no kindness in his soul, just everlasting gloom.
“He’ll find selfish, heartless folks and send them to their doom.
“With a pitchfork in his grip, he’ll poke you in the back,
“and if you’re naughtiest, he’ll stuff you in his sack.
“You have now been warned about this ragged, rugged wreath,
so be good and you’ll avoid the thistly bristly Heath.”

The First 5 Years (of Wander Over Yonder)

21 Oct

2018 – the year of anniversaries. 90th for Mickey Mouse… 65th for Peter Pan (the animated feature)… 50th for the Haunted Mansion attraction… 25th for The Nightmare Before Christmas… 15th for Finding Nemo and Brother Bear… 10th for WALL·E and Bolt… I could go on. I already have a certain anniversary celebration in mind, and it’s not for Frozen.

With Adobe Illustrator on my 7-year-old Dell Studio 15 computer running Microsoft Windows 10, I have made something more intricate than anything I’ve ever made in my graphic design class or in my spare time. I’ve been working on it on and off since late June, and now, after four painstaking months, it’s finally ready!


This may be my most ambitious fan art since the one I did for MC Skat Kat and the Stray Mob. You can tell how much I care about the show just by looking at everything that was crammed into this piece. I’ve worked on it for a good number of reasons.

  1. Wander Over Yonder is the funniest, cleverest, liveliest, and most well thought-out cartoons I’ve ever watched.
  2. It was clearly left on a cliffhanger (see end tag of the S2 finale, The End of the Galaxy).
  3. Creator Craig McCracken pitched his ideas for a third season back in early 2015.
  4. Disney made a big mistake by canceling WOY a week before S2 started in August of 2015 and had a chance to prove itself.
  5. There were brief glimpses of The Star Nomad and the space chimp in The Waste of Time, the former appearing up close in a brief cameo in Future-Worm’s S1 finale.
  6. WOY is still overshadowed by some other DTVA shows, mainly Gravity Falls and Star vs. the Forces of Evil, which, by the way, have been shoved down America’s throat for way too long (much like Phineas and Ferb). Don’t get me wrong, P&F, GF, and SvtFoE are great, but c’mon, just because they got higher ratings doesn’t mean they’re the best of the best.
  7. Fish Hooks got 3 seasons (in the 2010-2014 run) regardless of Phineas and Ferb’s popularity.
  8. Paul Rudish’s Mickey Mouse shorts series is still running (slated for 5 seasons so far).
  9. There’s a slight possibility of current DTVA shows getting more than two seasons, including but not limited to: Milo Murphy’s Law, the Big Hero 6 series, and Big City Greens – 2017 DuckTales is already slated for 3 so far.
  10. Upcoming DTVA shows created by people who were involved in GF (Amphibia, The Owl House) might bring attention away from saving WOY.
  11. After more than two years, Craig still hasn’t told the public EVERYTHING about S3 (and neither have the other WOY crew members), even with a lot of people thinking WOY cannot be saved. That’s because they love it too much to blow it all in one post. Also, certain long-canceled shows like Hey Arnold! and Samurai Jack got the chance for well-deserved closure. Not to mention Young Justice getting a third season on DC’s streaming service.
  12. We’ve gone more than two whole years without knowing the following:
    ⦁ How Lord Hater and his army of Watchdogs came to be
    ⦁ What will tempt Commander Peepers to the dark(er) side
    ⦁ Where Dominator will wind up
    ⦁ How Sylvia warmed up to Wander before the events of S1
    ⦁ How Wander would be tested
    ⦁ What’s worse than galactic destruction
    ⦁ How WOY is supposed to end

I’ve done a lot for SaveWOY since I learned of Wander’s cancellation. Attending D23 2017 with my drawing of Wander and Sylvia, making my mark on the highest beam structure for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, making The Star Nomad with LEGO Digital Designer, patterning the three hypothetical DVD covers for WOY after the original Star Wars trilogy on VHS… it still wasn’t enough.

We’re in a universe where Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, the Mickey Mouse shorts, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, and the 2017 DuckTales are among the cartoons perpetually revered by the Disney executives. Frankly, it stinks, because the public still hasn’t seen those plans for Wander Over Yonder’s third season become a reality. The executives are more interested in keeping Gravity Falls alive even though Alex Hirsch already ended it his way, which is why I threw in some “fan service” on the bottom right corner. I can only hope that this fully loaded fan art (with a couple of hints to S3) will persuade viewers (old and new) to dispense with all this talk of “Wander is dead,” compel non-fans to help out, and convince Disney once and for all that WOY deserves one more season (number of episodes may vary) or a TV movie to give it that much needed closure many existing fans have been yearning for so long.

Those of you who are far more interested in the aforementioned Disney shows (plus Cartoon Network shows like Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, OK K.O.!: Let’s Be Heroes, Steven Universe, Teen Titans Go!, and We Bare Bears, to name a few), it wouldn’t hurt you to swallow your pride and help out a fandom of an incomplete show. If your favorite show wasn’t getting the chance for definite closure, I’d surely help out any way I can because I believe in cartoon equality. Every show has a distinctive goal. The goal for Wander Over Yonder is to have Lord Hater accept Wander’s friendship; cancellation prevented it from happening. Do yourselves a favor and help us WOY fans change the Disney bosses’ minds.

Disney bosses, we fully support your acceptance of new ideas, but let’s be reasonable. If there were people (children included) who didn’t have long to live, happened to be Wander fans, and were highly curious about the downed space pod in the S2 finale’s end tag, what would you do? Two seasons can’t be enough. You didn’t have that mindset when you let Fish Hooks go on for three seasons. Heck, you even let Disney Junior shows go on for more than two seasons without hesitation (Mickey and the Roadster Racers, The Lion Guard, Puppy Dog Pals, Vampirina, to name a few). So now I ask you, what’s more important, focusing on the immortality of shows that already got wrapped up the creators’ way or resolving the cliffhangers of beloved shows created by experienced cartoonists who want to make the world a better place?

To some, Wander Over Yonder is just a cartoon show, but it’s a source of enjoyment and inspiration to me and other people. My fan art wouldn’t exist if I wasn’t interested in a third season, and you know something? It won’t be complete unless we know exactly what the three new main characters and two new regulars planned for S3 look like, hence the question marks. In case you haven’t guessed, Francisco Angones, a WOY crew member now working on DuckTales, brought up the number of new characters. If the Disney bosses don’t plan on giving it proper closure while humanity still exists, I’m hoping this fan art will at least grant me (and every fan) permission to see the presentation of that third season pitch. I don’t know how Craig’s doing with his fourth show, but he still has some unfinished business with Wander Over Yonder, and I’m not counting it as one of the shows that ended until I get to see Lord Hater’s backstory and what challenge awaits Wander. I’ve been longing to make a big contribution to the SaveWOY movement, and I think I’ve succeeded.

I’ve just realized something. I turned 30 this year. My deceased mother would have turned 53 on the 20th. Could this be a coincidence? Could this be my destiny? Could I be the key to saving Wander Over Yonder? Only time will tell.

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30 Years, 30 Candles

20 Oct

I meant to upload this image one month ago, but things have been awfully busy for me as of late. Today is what would have been my deceased mother’s 53rd birthday, and I feel the time is right to show my latest Blockopolis-related doodle…


It’s pretty interesting how I have the right number of characters for such an occasion. You know what else is interesting? The biggest fan art I’ve ever created, which should explain my apparent hiatus. I’ll be showing it in the next post, and let’s just say the world will come to realize a certain cartoon show still has some unfinished business.

Happy birthday, Mom. I think of you all the time and I still love you with no limits.