Pi Day

22 Mar

Here’s a little something I did one week ago where my flashlight scientist character gets a chance to, well, shine! Also featuring Inchbean Wormbag.

Pi Day 2015 (colored)

Valentine’s Day 2015

19 Feb

Only four days late to post this little gem.

Valentines 2015

From top left to bottom right we have Jacken, Rags, Tipper, Yonda, Boomer, Vivian, Wobble, Clumpy, Chickpea, Inchbean, Featherly, Luman, Stella, and Dwight.

Fun fact: 10 of them (that excludes Chickpea, Featherly, Stella, and Dwight) are revised versions of previously devised cards, with Jacken, Tipper, Wobble, and Clumpy first being made in 2011 and the others in 2012.

3 Years After February 2

2 Feb

Today is Groundhog Day (and yes, we have six more weeks of winter) on the second day of February. It also marks the third year after my mother’s passing away. What I have here is a drawing I made exactly one year ago, reminding me that even in her absence, she helps my creativity continue to flourish.

Love always, CJ Signorino


Gingerbread Cutouts

6 Jan

Another one of my unique ideas developed through the use of some of my characters. And who would’ve thought a chicken-shaped kitchen timer would be a perfect fit for making pastries and stuff in my fictional world of toys, objects, and vehicles?

Gingerbread Cutouts I know it’s not in color, but I think I set up a pretty good foundation for the idea.

Jacken DeBox and Sunrise

22 Oct

What I love most about colors is you can mix them in amazing gradients. My latest work, which was completed just before my 30-day trial on Adobe Illustrator expired, shows a nicely silhouetted Jacken in the foreground watching the sun rise. If this doesn’t prove how creative and artistic I really am, I don’t know what does.

Jacken Sunrise

Jacken Sunrise

October 2014

8 Oct

What I have here is an update to the picture I made to remind my family and friends of the team my mother formed before her passing away: Team Brenda.


CJ's Team Brenda Support


CJ's Team Brenda Support 2.0

Notice how bright the colors are? I even removed the shadows to make the file smaller. And if you’re wondering why there’s a big open space on the left, I tried to make this picture a cover photo on my Facebook page.


25 Sep

Recently, I got hooked on a Lego franchise consisting of odd-looking creatures you can mix together any way you want. It’s called ‘Mixels.’ I checked out both websites (mixels.com and lego.com/mixels) and boy, there sure was a lot of creativity that brought out the world of Mixels! Currently, there are a total of nine tribes with three Mixels per tribe: Infernites, Cragsters, Electroids (Series 1) Frosticons, Fang Gang, Flexers (Series 2) Glorp Corp, Spikels, Wiztastics (Series 3) When you put three Mixels from the same tribe together, you get a Max. And then there are ‘Nixels,’ puny yet pesky pests whose intentions are to prevent Mixels from mixing. The voice actors involved are the ones you may or may not recognize. The first Mixels I purchased are two Cragsters and two Flexers. I have Seismo (the Tom Kenny Cragster), Shuff (the Jess Harnell Cragster), Tentro (the Phil LaMarr Flexer), and Balk (the Billy West Flexer). Seismo and Shuff were the only series 1 Mixels I managed to get from the Lego store in Downtown Disney in Anaheim, so I had to resort to getting the rest of the series 1 Mixels from amazon.com. Right now, I have Krader (a David P. Smith Cragster) being delivered to me. The package should arrive next week. In the meantime, here are some pictures I took of the Seismo/Tentro and Shuff/Balk mixes!



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