International Women’s Day (2014) – Ladies of Blockopolis

12 Apr

International Women's Day (2014) - Ladies of Blockopolis

In Full Color!

Get A Grip Lyrics

9 Jan

For those who are wondering how the song goes, here’s what I picked up… 95% accurate, 5% unsure.


(Get a grip of the real me,)

(I can’t be what society wants me to be.)

(Get a grip of the real me,) (Get a grip.)

(I can’t be what society wants me to be.) (Get a-)

Fatz: Hey, hey, oh I got goin’, haven’t heard nobody get back, it costs too much money, don’t want nobody get your thing. You wanna grab? Just get back!

Well, they say this, and they say that, too hardcore for commercial rap.

But I didn’t ask for all this hype, so give me a chance to live my life.

The cartoon came for a worldwide hero long before I was a backstreet zero.

Now I’m wanted by every network to do commercials, I go berserk.

Go set some rights, go get some freedom. Every judge can’t expect me to be some

kind of puppet to never trip. I got my own mind and I live.

MC Skat Kat not for showbiz! (Fatz & Taboo: No sellout, that’s the way is!)

(Get a grip of the real me,) (Get a grip.)

(I can’t be what society wants me to be.) (Get a grip.)

(Get a grip of the real me,) (Get a grip.)

(I can’t be what society wants me to be.)

I tour cartoons, I tour the nation, become an actor of animation.

The first cartoon on the hip-hop scene will put you on the cover of Time magazine.

Let us promote and develop your concept, get you the best that money can get.

No thanks, who needs to be richer? Anybody ever stop to consider

what it’s like to be on top? I always feel like I’m bein’ walked.

Everybody wants me to be somebody, some will light the way, and they got me.

(Fatz & Taboo: Step away with the microphone.) God bless the cat that can hold his own.

(Get a grip of the real me,)

(I can’t be what society wants me to be.)

(Get a grip of the real me,) (Get a grip.)

(I can’t be what society wants me to be.) (Get a-)

Fatz: Hey! I told y’all first time to get back! I-it’s gonna be time for violence, I told you, boy, it cost too much dough, more money! Get back, hey! No, it’s time, I think it’s time…

Taboo: Oooh…

(Choking and gagging sounds, presumably coming from Fatz being strangled by Taboo)

Sex symbol of animation, I run from the spotlight to say I’m basin’.

My lyrics remain to be unacceptable, I have to claim myself too sensual.

(Micetro on speaker: Uh, maybe you should be a Roger Rabbit.) A freak like me? I’ve gots the habit!

(Micetro on speaker: Uh, how ’bout a make-up when I’m busy?) I’m a repulsed wack! Are you kiddin’ me?

I gotta be Skat Kat, the MC, not what society wants me to be.

(Get a grip of the real me,) (Get a grip.)

(I can’t be what society wants me to be.) (Get a grip.)

(Get a grip of the real me,) (Get a grip.)

(I can’t be what society wants me to be.) (Get a-)

(Ooh, ooh… Ooh ooh…)

(Ooh, ooh… Ooh ooh, oooooh!)

(Brass interlude toward the end)

(Get a grip.)

(Get a-)

(Get a grip.)

(Get a grip of the real me,) (Get a grip.)

(I can’t be what society wants me to be.) (Get a-)

(Get a grip of the real me,) (Get a grip.)

(I can’t be what society wants me to be.)

(Get a grip of the real me,) (Get a grip.)

(I can’t be what society wants me to be.) (Get a-)

(Get a grip of the real me,) (Get a grip.)

(I can’t be what society wants me to be.)

(Get a grip.)

(Get a grip.)

(Katleen: Ge-ge, ge-ge, ge-ge… Ge-ge, ge-ge, get a grip.)

(Fade out)

Lyrics by Rom from “The College Boyz”

Music by Ndugu Chancler/Reggie Andrews

Produced by Karl F. Stephenson and “The College Boyz”

Published by Rom Music/Virgin Music (Publishers)

LTD/Ujima Music/Hey Skimo Music


Portfolio Potpourri

13 Nov

I have to other links to show off in this Web log:

They both feature some of the work I did in my other classes.

And here are the pictures I think you’d like:

My newly created characters

My short-lived comic, Go Cougars!

comic #1

Be sure and check out my other works on this Web log.


Yakety Yak: Take It Back

11 May

This one’s for you, Jolie Jones. Thanks to your Web site, I was able to get a glimpse of how the music video was put together and the recognition it garnered (for a short time).

New Track for Skat Kat

11 May

There aren’t twelve songs by MC Skat Kat (and the Stray Mob), but thirteen, with the inclusion of Get a Grip, which I have on the LP version of Skat Strut from the UK. I wondered if there’d be any more rap songs I wouldn’t mind listening to. As my father once told me, “Why don’t you write a song?” And looky here, I came up with a new song for the rapping cat: House Kat.

Yo, Leo, you know what time it is?

(Leo: What?)

(Skat Kat, Fatz, and Taboo: It’s time for home improvement!)

Skat Kat is back in action! Sorry to keep you waitin’.

Life in the streets isn’t always bad, find a happy place so you don’t get mad.

Dumpsters, alleys, wherever you wish, as long as you can grub some tasty fish. (Fatz: Yum!)

Me? I’m a cat who hopes for the best, looking for a place just to chill and rest.

The Mob could use a little R and R – it’s tiring to back up this rapping star. (Fatz: You said it.)

Where will I live? Where will I go? Not having a house will bring me woe.

Real estate would be my final resort for a crib for me and my cohorts.

Sure, my old place is fine and standing, but the tattered walls leave me demanding

something better, something phat. I need a new home – I am the House Kat.

(House Kat, livin’ it up across the street)

(House Kat. Give him a home that can’t be beat)

(House Kat, livin’ it up across the street)

(House Kat. Give him a home that can’t be beat)

If I were Mister Rogers, I’d change my shoes, greeting other neighbors who have heard the news

of Skat Kat living in a humble abode, unless I’m in the limo out on the road.

Home is where the heart is, that’s what I hear, so lemme get it pumpin’ when I come near.

I’ll make you move and jump around so the floorboards get that thumpin’ sound.

What a place, ain’t no way that we’re ditchin’ -  livin’ room, dinin’ room, rec room, kitchen,

bedrooms, bathrooms, backyard, too. A three-car garage would excite Taboo. (Taboo: Yeauh!)

It’s all we need to kick back and unwind. Now try to remember, keep it in mind.

It’s something better, something phat. This is a home for me, the House Kat.

(House Kat, livin’ it up across the street)

(House Kat. Give him a home that can’t be beat)

(House Kat, livin’ it up across the street)

(House Kat. Give him a home that can’t be beat)

(Beat box break)

(Micetro: That’s it! Keep it up, big boy! Don’t mind me – I’m setting up a mouse hole in the wall. And Silk, you can come visit me anytime.)

(Silk: Thanks, but I’m too big to fit through a mouse hole.)

(Micetro: Ah, c’mon, I’ll make it bigger for ya-)

Don’t even think of it, Micetro. You’ve done just enough damage to the home.

(Micetro: Whatever.)

To get this house I had to pay, but don’t think that won’t make us stray.

We are who we are, we’ll never change, we just keep rollin’ like chuggin’ trains.

Don’t put my name on the sliding gate, or fans will set up camp and wait.

This is our hideout, who woulda guessed? Suburban livin’, more for less.

I gotta work to pay these bills by rapping and dancing, greater thrills. (Katleen: Greater thriiiiills!)

A cat’s home really is his castle, but owning a big one? What a hassle!

We need no money to score us a mansion – it’s all about my being, didn’t I mention?

It’s something better, something phat, it’s all too much for this House Kat.

(House Kat, livin’ it up across the street) On the prairie… on the range…

(House Kat. Give him a home that can’t be beat) By the beach… nothing strange…

(House Kat, livin’ it up across the street) Skat Kat doesn’t need a penthouse…

(House Kat. Give him a home that can’t be beat) Just his feline friends and mouse…

(House Kat, livin’ it up across the street)

(House Kat. Give him a home that can’t be beat)

(Fade out)

So what do you think? All done in true Skat Kat style. It could probably use some fine-tuning. What matters to me the most is that the lyrics must be clean.

MC Skat Kat and the Stray Mob

17 Dec

Note: Last updated April 30, 2012

More than twenty years ago, Paula Abdul’s Opposites Attract introduced MC Skat Kat, an animated feline rapper (the clean kind). His physique might remind some of you of that of Roger Rabbit. I created some artwork (colored with Adobe Photoshop) in preparation for Abdul’s 50th birthday and as a sure-fire way to acknowledge the existence of MC Skat Kat and the Stray Mob, since no one else has ever thought of it before. I think it would look great in all sorts of places (sans my logo and notes): posters, bags, folders, lunchboxes, gift cards, desktop wallpapers, jigsaw puzzles, even three-dimensional dioramas! I could go on. This might not be the final version, however. I often have to make revisions to remain faithful to the source material.

The Stray Mob, of course, consists of Fatz (the short cat), Taboo (the cat wearing red shorts), Leo (the burly creature whose species I cannot verify at this time), Micetro (the mouse you see sitting on the hood of the limo/Skatmobile), Katleen (the cat in the pink hairdo) and Silk (the cat with blue eyes). You can read more about Skat Kat and the Mob in the pages I recently discovered on a blog devoted to Paula Abdul memorabilia:

Did you know it’s been twenty years since Skat Kat’s album came out? Sadly, it was one of the most underrated albums in the early 1990s. Don’t get me wrong – the songs on it are pretty good and decent once you get to know them. If you have RealPlayer on your computer, you can listen to the tracks at

Read what Jon Mendicina had to say about the album. He liked it.

article one

And take a look at the review of the album here: albumreviews

And you know what? The song Skat Strut was released off the album as a single and got its own music video, which became the most requested on MTV in 1991. No question. Many people actually liked it. Check it out in high quality.

Believe it or not, the video was once used to demonstrate the potential of US Animation’s computerized animation system, and it was well-received.

article two

Skat also had a second single called Big Time, and it was given its own music video with revised music; however, it was never fully shown to the public. Look at this. And if you listen carefully, you’ll hear the lyrics “a mutt named Leo.” Unless the term ‘mutt’ refers to someone unintelligent, I’ll never know what Leo really is.

I don’t get it. If the video was finished in January 1992, why didn’t Kafka upload the whole thing? I never quite understood why nobody was sure what to do with the cat. Hopefully, we’ll get to see the entire video when Abdul’s 50th birthday approaches.

I’m not going to lie to you all, there are fans out there who think MC Skat Kat and the Stray Mob should be reintroduced, and I believe it would be best if he was brought back in the same appropriate style and appearance. Plus, he still has to be hand-drawn. We don’t want to disappoint the fans, you know. As the lyrics in the UK-exclusive song Get a Grip from the Skat Strut LP say “I gotta be Skat Kat, the MC, not what society wants me to be.” I wish I could upload the sound file of the song, but I’d have to pay to do it. We’ve got to get iTunes to make the album, the videos, and the UK-exclusive song available to purchase.

If there’s one company that should bring him back, it would have to be The Walt Disney Company. I have my top ten reasons for this and I might work for the company someday. As for my artwork, I wonder if I should duplicate it with Adobe Illustrator so it doesn’t have any pixels. Hopefully, the artwork will be enough to convince Mike Patterson, whom you can contact at USC School of Cinematic Arts, to give Skat Kat another chance.

UPDATE 11/13/2013

So, on November 6, 2013, I decided to search for MC Skat Kat artwork on deviantArt, which is rather scarce, mind you, and when I looked at this one piece of work and scrolled down to read the artist’s text, I found something that made my day: a link to a Vimeo video uploaded by Patterson + Reckinger (Mike and Candace) – this user actually has the full, high-quality version of the unaired MC Skat Kat music video, Big Time!

When I noticed the time length, 3:47, I was like, “No way!” Without haste, I went ahead and played the video, feeling giddy about anything that was never before seen in John Kafka’s really small file. And I have to say, it was a lot more entertaining that I could have ever imagined, what with the higher number of frames per second.

What I loved best was the majority of the original animation produced by one Eric Goldberg. He’s the same man who works for Walt Disney Animation! This here is one of the best reasons I think Disney should reintroduce MC Skat Kat and the Stray Mob. The question is, how should Disney reintroduce Skat Kat? If I were Mike Patterson, I’d use the song “Skat Kat’s Theme” for the next music video so old fans and new fans can both enjoy his comeback in a comprehensive matter. If the folks at Disney were to give him his own movie, it could be something that hasn’t been done in a long time: an anthology. There were many possibilities for people to discover with the family-friendly rapping cat, but somehow they just didn’t have the confidence to do all that.

And now for the voice casting.

From what I know, Skat Kat’s voice actor, Derrick “Delite” Stevens,” is a radio host for some station in a northern area of the United States. I wonder if he would be able to reprise his role. If not, who else can do it? The “College Boyz” are defunct, so we can rule them out.

For Fatz, I’m thinking of John DiMaggio for two reasons: 1. Fatz’s voice is somewhat equivalent to that of Rico from The Penguins of Madagascar, and 2. John can beat box.

For Taboo, I’m leaning towards either Phil LaMarr or Bumper Robinson. All I know is, the voice actor has to be African American and capable of pulling off a voice that’s not too high and not too low.

For Leo, three words: Kevin Michael Richardson. Judging by Kevin’s prolific role as a voice actor for some deep-voiced characters, I’d say he would fill the bill.

For Katleen, I think the appropriate voice actress is Alex Brown, which is the name I picked up from the Captive Sampler track information as “additional vocals” for the Big Time animation mix. I’m not sure if she would be up for it, though.

For Silk, I vote Cree Summer. Good singer, and although she’s from Canada, her voices are mostly African American, so that works well.

And for Micetro, there would have to be a voice actor whose voice would be perfect when sped up. My guess: Jeff Bennett. (Example: Pip from Enchanted)

If you can read this, Mr. Patterson, I thank you for bringing up Skat Kat and having him perform the songs I prefer to hear. Honestly, today’s hip-hop artists are making our country look and sound bad, and I wish there were cleaner ones so we could choose the pleasant music with cleaner lyrics over the unpleasant music with the same, constant swears.

Help bring back MC Skat Kat and the Stray Mob.


16 Dec

December 16, 2011

After looking at the credit item list, I figured I had to put this up right away.


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